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Latest problems

Desempleo Juvenil

In esta región, el desempleo juvenil es particularmente un problema social
by 2pueblo

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Die Stadt Aachen lässt am 10. März 2013 die Bürger darüber entscheiden, ob es in Zukunft eine Campusbahn geben soll oder nicht. Nicht die Bürger sind das Problem, sondern die Campusbahn. Ich selber bin mir noch nicht schüssig über meine Stimme: Ja oder Nein!?
by espé

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Recently, the city of Hamburg removed the crosswalk on the corner. As there are a lot of people and young children in the area there needs to be a new crosswalk installed.
by jeremytai

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Wasserhahn funktioniert nicht! (Mr. Wash)

War vorhin bei Mr. Wash. Auto blitzeblank, alles gut! Aber oben, da wo man das Auto noch von innen reinigen kann, wollte ich noch kurz Hände waschen, doch Pustekuchen, weil Wasserhahn kaputt. So musste ich leider mit Fufufingers weiter fahren. Ich komme gerne wieder, hoffentlich ist das Proble...
by Anton

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The sum is greater...

The purpose of this framework is to engage people, politicians, companies
- all the movers and shakers - in order to to make a difference. Anyone can submit a problem and everybody else is invited to come up with an idea or solution for it.

...than it's parts.

Discover your local area and recognize that it's all about the big picture.
Make your contribution – submit, follow and solve problems that concern all of us.

How it works

Step one

Submit problems that concern all of us, so people can follow or solve them!

Step two

Follow the problems posted by others to create the awareness needed to solve them.

Step three

Be a problem solver and gain recognition through points. Comment, discuss and make it happen!